Re: QCX 5W CW Transceiver Troubles Part III

Andy Brilleaux <punkbiscuit@...>

On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 08:22 PM, <joseph.corbin@...> wrote:
In our original test, when it worked well, we started by using earphones, then we switched to a speaker with an aux cord so that more people could hear it. We only used the earphones when we went to the new location
It's fairly common for some audio amps to be quite fussy about load impedance, and what you descibe is typical of it.

Here's you have probably gone from a se of cheap headphones with an impedance of 32R and gone to a load speaker
of 4-8R.

Try series shunting the load speaker with a 10R or something and see what happens.


Try a lower audio output setting.


Consider and external audio amp, and take measures to maintain an approx 32R or more load across
the QCX AF output at all times (and let the external amp do all the work).

That should do for starters.

- Andy -

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