Re: WSPR, what am I doing wrong?

Vernon Matheson

Did you put it in beacon mode

On 2019-12-05 18:48, Brent DeWitt wrote:
I've been using my 40 mtr QCX for a few weeks now and have been constantly impressed by the quality and value.  Thank you Hans!

Yesterday I received and built the OLG1 GPS module and wired it up to the QCX.  Frequency calibration went smoothly and I appear to be within 1 Hz of zero-beating WWV at 10 MHz with the signal generator.  Then I tried to set up a WSPR beacon.

I believe I followed the setup instructions in the user manual and all the menus look "as advised".  I must be missing something though.  Returning from the menu the display reads "WSPR call" and none of the information shown in the manual.  As might be expected, it never transmits either.

Here's what I've checked and know:
- The QCX transmits fine, at about 4 Watts, with a straight key or iambic paddle, so those input lines are clear.  I can monitor the output power in a roughly calibrated manner.
- The OLG1 serial data is as-expected into a serial terminal (TeraTerm) on the PC and the 1 pps is apparently working from the success of the frequency calibration.
- The QCX is running T1.02b firmware and all other functions I've tried seem to work.

So, at this point, I'm pretty well convinced it's operator error.  Any thoughts/corrections would be welcome.

Brent DeWitt, AB1LF
Milford, MA

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