Gerry Kavanagh <gerrykav@...>

Hi Larry...
there is a degree of defensiveness in your reply that I don't believe is warranted. I just said it would be nice to have the occasional update, not an in-depth feature burn-down. I have seen many projects 'go dark' with communication and soon after declare that the project was dead, so forgive me if I am a bit reactive over something I had been looking forward to.
Further, I have been a programmer for 30+ years, and have never had situation where some idea of the magnitude of the project vs. completion state wasn't known. I get that complexity is hard to manage, but I didn't think I was asking much - perhaps I was wrong.
I have plenty to occupy me, but occasionally the QSX will be mentioned after some time out of mind and it reminds me of how much I had been looking forward to this project.
/ Gerry

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