QCX 1485 is alive!

Kirby Cave WB3BBC

So after two years I've finally gotten around to building the QCX for 40 meters.  And it works!  Like many, I found building T1 the most challenging.  But I followed the suggested method in the manual and it turned out fine.  I applied 14 volts from an old Radio Shack 2.5 amp power supply and it lit right up.  Made the alignment adjustments, and measured the power out to be 4 watts into a 50 ohm dummy load.  Looking forward to making my first QSO with it.  I haven't been on the air in years, but 40 meters hasn't sounded very active to me over the last few days.

I do have one concern.  After peaking the BPF, I see that the trimmer cap is fully unmeshed.  According to the manual I should remove 5 turns from the secondary 3 winding (currently 38 turns) and try again.  Really?  I certainly don't look forward to doing that!  What improvement should I expect if I do that?  Do I really need to remove 5 turns?  Could I possibly remove the enamel from some of the windings on the top of the secondary 3 winding of T1 and short across them?  Would this reduce the inductance?

Thanks to those responsible for a nice little transceiver and thanks in advance for any advice.  73


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