Re: Saving battery current #mods #qcx #supply


Another way to reduce current is change R48, that determines the backlight brightness
Increasing it lower the brightness and the current.  The stock 270 ohm is 37ma,
increasing to 1000 ohms lowers it to about 9-10ma.    At an even lower 5ma its
more than adequate brightness for indoors or shaded locations.

The "green wire mod" with 100 ohms resistor accomplishes the same net effect.
The backlight is very bright so R48 reduction can help greatly with power savings.

Adding Helmut's switch mode regulator mod replacing the LM7805 improves that further.

In mine I've use a TI designed 5V regulator that is lower power but about 10% more
efficient.  They are not as inexpensive but I had one seeking a application and its a
quieter design.

There are a lot of things that are modifiable  on the QCX.  Fun Radio.

Please reply on list so we can share.
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