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There is a program called Wordsworth that is supposed to help with Head Copy.

The W8BH Morse Tutor has a Koch Method feature, and you can set Farnsworth timing and Word delay (spacing) in the Config > Speed menu setting. See:  Arduino Projects > Morse Tutor.

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 3:38 PM Eric KE6US <eric.csuf@...> wrote:

Let me tell you a little secret. Lots of guys on this forum go back many decades in ham radio. 62 years for me. We started before home computers and cell phones were even possible. Radio was magic to us then. It's still magic. It doesn't seem to be magic to many younger people now, but it is to some. You might be one of those who still see the magic. I think CW helps with keeping it somewhat magical.

I concur on two other points already made. The Koch method used by G4FON is an excellent idea and it works. It helps you learn the sound of the characters instead of the "dot dash" makeup of them. That's really important. I also agree with learning to "head copy" the code. Don't write it down. You will thank yourself later. There are advocates for head copy, pencil/paper and using a mill. I've needed all three over the years. They are DIFFERENT SKILLS that use different parts of the brain. One is not generally better than the other, but skill in one doesn't give you much skill in the other. If it did, experienced hams wouldn't have so much trouble trying to learn to head copy.

Personally, I think head copy is best for casual communication--the kind we mostly do on the air. You jot down a few key things, name, qth, RST. Or not. The other methods are more important where you must get the message correct--letter perfect. That's why mills were invented. They're typewriters with all uppercase so you don't have to waste time and energy shifting. See any Telegram in a movie. They're all uppercase.

So learn to head copy. Later develop your code writing or typing skills IF you need them. Otherwise, just build speed with head copy and enjoy a skill most hams don't have.

Welcome to the magic show.

Eric KE6US

On 11/21/2019 11:00 AM, Jon wrote:
I recently joined this group after completing my QCX for 40 meters.  I have had a Technician license for 10+ years that I obtained so I could run a kit built radio for the radio controlled airplane hobby.  Only in the last few months have I decided to try using my ticket for actual Ham Radio Ops <grin>.

I have an end fed half wave antenna that I built using the "No Tune EFWH" kit from QRP Guys.  My QTH is in Central Texas and have been able to listen to W1AW and have seen transmissions from callsigns from California, Montana,  Alabama, Cuba.  That is probably old hat to most of you guys but it is a real kick for me as a beginner.  I am still working to learn CW (know about half of the alphabet so far) so I am dependent on the decoder to understand what is being sent.

I have questions about using the QCX, antennas, and CW ops in general.  Are more general questions okay here?



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