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Hello Jack
Not to detract from the thread of the topic, but Interested to know why you would advocate not using pencil and paper?

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Subject: Re: [QRPLabs] New QCX and introduction
Check out G4FON ( for a good PC-based CW learning program. Practice is key and try not to use pencil and paper.
Jack, W8TEE
On Thursday, November 21, 2019, 2:04:02 PM EST, Jon <7xsuazlhhtls@...> wrote:
I recently joined this group after completing my QCX for 40 meters.  I have had a Technician license for 10+ years that I obtained so I could run a kit built radio for the radio controlled airplane hobby.  Only in the last few months have I decided to try using my ticket for actual Ham Radio Ops <grin>.

I have an end fed half wave antenna that I built using the "No Tune EFWH" kit from QRP Guys.  My QTH is in Central Texas and have been able to listen to W1AW and have seen transmissions from callsigns from California, Montana,  Alabama, Cuba.  That is probably old hat to most of you guys but it is a real kick for me as a beginner.  I am still working to learn CW (know about half of the alphabet so far) so I am dependent on the decoder to understand what is being sent.

I have questions about using the QCX, antennas, and CW ops in general.  Are more general questions okay here?



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