Re: Anybody have some good hints to tame frequency drift on 6M.

Allan Nelsson

I have an Ultimate 3 which I later converted to a 3S with an SI5351A synthesizer. After the rebuild I also struggled with the stability and followed all instructions and recommendations but unfortunately without solving the problem.

So I gave up and bought a RFzero which is rock solid. The RFzero also uses a Si5351A. The RFzero is so stable that it can be used for WSPR on 23 cm like done by WA8TOD. It should also be possible to use it on 10 GHz but I haven't tried that.

So maybe the 3S problem is the 27 MHz crystal also in my case. I will try to change it at some point and see if it solves the problem.

73, Allan OZ5XN.

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