Re: new build but still struggling as I don't seem to put out RF?

Ronald Taylor

Good news. Thanks for the update Keith. You are the patient one here. 

73... Ron

On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 06:12 Fast hosts <beneagles71@...> wrote:
Woopeedoo! (leaps in the air still clutching the DVM LOL) thanks to your excellent and patient guidance, I discovered my schoolboy error.. I was checking around and found R42 was conspicuous by its absence! A quick search for the resistor and it was installed and I am now getting RF value of 4.7W on keying.
You are a star.. 
thanks again
Just need to discover why the display boots blank intermittently which it appears is probably a dry joint an and around the microcontroller. Just need to cure that before I start preparing a case for it.

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