Re: Anybody have some good hints to tame frequency drift on 6M.

David R. Hassall WA5DJJ

Dear Bob,
Your screenshot helps a lot as my screenshot looks about the same.  I have been running the oscillator all night tonight and mine looks very similar to the upper trace on yours.   I may have to order a TCXO for this one to get it straight.   Mine is swooping down from the start.   But the keying on the replacement oscillator is much cleaner than the bad crystal was.   I will have to talk to the guy I am building this for and see what he wants to do.   Stretching the frequency of operations on these U3S's brings out new and unexpected results.

Thank you for your screenshots.   They really helped me a lot.

Take care and have fun.
73/74 Dave WA5DJJ

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