Re: OT: Linux


Ubuntu is a nice distribution.  I generally run mint but have systems
running Ubuntu.  Its more for the ex-winders user as in comes fully
loaded.  As a kitchen sink disti it is a fine tool.  I'm at the point of
I can build systems as light or heavy as desired.

As to the "spyware" its not that, its adware for sure, but simple solution is
uninstall it assuming you did install it.  Not much different than win10 save
for its easier to uninstall stuff and antivirius is for users that click on
everything.  I've run Ubuntu since 2007 and no issues.  NO antivirus and
a good firewall in a separate box saves pain.   System up time is around
150 days due to local power failures but recent for back up power has
the current box to 400 days and climbing.   I never turn them off.

I had to use win10Pro at work and it was ok and seemed stable but it was
a pain to manage especially right after first startup/install.  The backup
system as a linux box.


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