Re: Which Version of Arduino Uno Board to Buy?


Hello Al, W4KY,

That eBay Arduino UNO, or any other development board called an
Arduino UNO should work. You will be using it as an ISP programmer.
You will use the Arduino IDE > Tools > Programmer: > Arduino as ISP to
reset the ATmega328P microcontroller on the Arduino UNO to act as an
ISP programmer. Or, you can buy an actual ISP programmer, as the first
reply suggested. Or get both the Arduino UNO board AND the ISP
programmer and experiment to find out which one is easier to use. I
suggest getting the Arduino UNO and following the tutorial. Good Luck,
and Best Wishes for success in updating the firmware.

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 2:00 AM Al Clark <hotdogx@...> wrote:

I have a QCX 40 that I built a little over a year ago (works fine too). I just got a new chip from QRP Labs that contain the 1.01a firmware, but now the firmware is 1.2. So I see I need to learn how to update the firmware myself. I'm a total newbie on this - have never done it before. My computer runs Windows 10 64 bit. In reading Simon's tutorial I see I need to get an Arduino Uno. Looking at Ebay there are at least two versions of Arduino Uno being offered. I think I need this one. Is that correct?

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