Re: 4 line LCD for the clock kit #clock

Eric KE6US

Crap! The link I sent was serial. Besides I2C, look for IIC. You don't want that one either (hi).

Here's one that looks like it's just parallel. If you don't mind a little desoldering, you can get a serial one and just remove the serial "backpack".

If you flat can't find anything, I'll send you one for just the cost of shipping. I have a couple that are white on blue.

Eric KE6US

On 11/8/2019 4:32 AM, Greg Walters via Groups.Io wrote:
Can someone point me in the right direction to find a 4 line LCD that I can use for the clock kit? Is there one that would directly apply, pin for pin?

I am not knowledgeable in LCDs and would find it nice to have a link to where I could purchase one. 

I'm in the United States, so a link to somewhere reasonably close would be wonderful.


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