Re: QCX 5W CW Transciever kit: Transformer dilemma

Jim Manley

Hi Joseph,

We're starting a ham club at our remote, rural high school in Southeastern Montana and I've been trying to find a directory of other educational institutions that have ham clubs (or turkey would be OK, too!  Ba-da-bum - pishhhh!  I'll be here all week - please tip your waiters and waitresses generously, folks! :)  Are you aware of any directory like that?  Google searches have uniformly found clubs that have dried up and blown away years ago, and when I looked at the list of participants in the ARRL's School Club Roundup contest that runs in October every year, there were only a few dozen schools nationwide and in Canada that participated last year (

When you're up and running, and once I have our school's 20 and 40 m inverted-vee fan dipoles tuned to something much closer to perfection than they are as we first erected them for a quick-and-dirty start, maybe we could find each other in the ether for QSOs about educational topics where amateur radio can be applied, as well as coveted QSLs.  In addition to a couple of QCXs, a U3S, an ALX-SSB, a D4D, and some Pixies with all of the improvement mods that we're building from kits, we have a 100-watt Yaesu FT-991A transceiver on loan from a nearby (80 miles!) ham club member for as long as the students maintain interest.

Jim Manley  KJ7JHE
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