Re: Is my QCX 30 a write-off?

Mike Easterbrook

Hi Alan
Tks for suggestions will take some measurements over weekend time permitting.
Yes the power lead care has been implemented but still not got current limiting on shack power supply (ouch!)
I wonder how many others overlook this in the rush to "see if it's working".  Kids with new toys!

On Thu, 31 Oct 2019, 13:28 Mike Easterbrook via Groups.Io, <> wrote:

Hans - you may remember we were going direct on this one - may be relevant to others so posting here. 

"12v supply came loose and bare +ve line 'touched down' briefly at locations unknown with smoke & glowing components.  Replaced processor which got LCD back but with Si error. Si replaced -
error remained"
Replaced IC1 again then D1 & 2, plus remade some dodgy soldering. Working well enough to do the basic alignment but on next switch-on the 3 buttons + rotary encoder are not responding sensibly if at all  & l get loud buzzing in earpiece if I key the tx any suggestions where to look? 
My sharp-eyed steady-handed helpmate (9V1AN) still forbids me to scrap!
Thanks for any suggestions 

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