Re: #qcx QCX Firmware 1.01 released #qcx

Kelly Jack

Al, Alan and all,

I've been trying work out what is going on here.

I started with a version 1.00e chip which I have as part of an unbuilt QCX kit.

Started with reading the fuses: the correct High fuse setting was read using avrdudess. 0xD1.

I reprogrammed the chip with firmware version 1.01a successfully a number of times using all permutations of :
Hitting the Go button instead of the Program button and checking the Disable Flash Erase box and the high fuse set at D1 and D9 and the only way I could get the "Use original IC" message was if the fuse was D9 to begin with.

I have tried AVRDUDESS 2.4 with avrdude 6.1 (the versions I had from when I first updated the QCX) and also the latest versions AVRDUDESS 2.11 with avrdude 6.3.

I'm thinking that it can be only one of two things:
1. AVRDUDESS/avrdude is changing the high fuse as part of some bug or hidden setting.
2. The fuse was set incorrectly to start with (unlikely by possible).

I did not see AVRDUDESS reset the fuses to different values of its own accord. That is not to say that there is not a combination of AVRDUDESS/avrdude version, programmer and potentially operating system that can cause this.

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
Programming hardware: Arduino Uno as ISP
Original firmware version of the chip: 1.00a and 1.00e both successfully reprogrammed.
How did you download the firmware: link. Right-click and save-as.
Output from the programming software: No errors.

I am going to rewrite the guide document to check the fuses first and reset to D1 if required.



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