Re: Thank You SO MUCH, Hans Summers! From KW0P #40m

Alan G4ZFQ

polyphase receiver with Huff Puff stabilized VFO

Ah! The FST3253. My TX from Radcom Jan 76 used a SN7400. Sideband suppression was good but the old hands would mock my enthusiasm by pointing out the carrier null was only 20-30dB depending on the amount of drift since tweaking the presets.
Never tried the RX, the design was for 455KHz, inconvenient. I never thought of trying 1.8MHz directly.
I used Huff Puff in a converted Decca Voyager 160/80m. Should not have needed it at those frequencies I let it rectify my poor VFO skills.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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