Re: Problem with my QCX, after performing the T1.01.hex update

Kelly Jack

I have update two QCXs to 1.01 and then 1.01a and had an initial problem of a row of squares in the top row after programming.  I did not get the incorrect IC message. 

I traced the problem to the way I saved the file. I used Microsoft Edge which does not feature a save as option and instead just loads the file as a webpage. In the first instance I cut and paste this into a text editor and saved the file with a .hex as "101.hex" -  This did not work and I got the row of squares. The file was detected as a hex file ok. Using a different browser I saved the file using the "save as" functionality and reprogrammed the chips with no problems (four times in total - two chips each to 1.01 then to 1.01a). So I'm not sure if it was because of the way I downloaded the file or the name I saved it as.

I used an Arduino and AVRDUDESS and followed my tutorial.

I am concerned that there needs to be an additional caution added to the tutorial to prevent this occurring but not sure what it should be as I have not seen this issue and am a little reluctant to try to recreate it as if successful I will ruin my chip.

My settings in AVRDUDESS for the successful programming are per the attached image.

Note version numbers are:
AVRDUDESS version 2.4.
avrdude version 6.1

Also note flash memory is specified and an erase cycle was performed - so I think this can be ruled out as an issue.

Also of note, I have made no fuse changes and no setting changes in menus other than what is on the screenshot.

I note the opening post here indicates that the T1.01.hex file was auto detected as a raw binary file and not a hex file which suggests some error in either the way the file is saved or the way it has been detected. Perhaps change the Format setting to "Intel hex" instead of "Auto (writing only)" is required for other versions of avrdude(ss).



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