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Others have commented on this issue, but I’ll tell you what I know. 


Many years ago I worked for a company that made the coatings for magnet wire (among other nasty things).  There are four types of insulative coatings commonly put onto magnet wire: 1) cellulosive, 2) Poly-vinyl (Formvar), 3) enamels, and 4) epoxy.  There are also some specialty coatings like PTFE but we do not typically see this for hobby use.  From the companies chemical applications & use sheets, here is how they are removed.


1)      Cellulosive.  Can easily be cut or abraded away.  Will not dissolve in solvents.

2)      Poly-Vinly.  Can be abraded (scraped) away, dissolved by EDC (Ethylene DiChloride)/ Chloroform/ Dioxane, or decomposed by heating to 400 degrees F.

3)      Enamels.  Can be abraded (scraped) away, dissolved by Methylene Chloride/ EDC/ MEK, and decomposed by heating into the 200-500F range.  Note that some catalyzed enamels can cannot be dissolved by the chemicals listed once dry/ catalyzed.

4)      Epoxy.  Can be abraded (scrape) away, dissolved by highly polar acids (HF), or decomposed by heating to 600+ F.


Note that most of the chemicals listed here are extremely toxic (like Dioxane… the active ingredient in agent orange) so should be avoided.  From this list, the easiest way to take the insulation off the wire is to purchase a “Solder Pot” to dip and decompose the coating.  You can find 300 watt solder pots on eBay in the $30-70  range that are perfect for this task.  I own an abrasive device for taking the coating off that was about $100 and it works perfectly too.



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Just did some testing on both magnet wire from Hans and my own stash and the acetone didn't touch the enamel coating.

I used a small piece of mechanics rag soaking in acetone to clean the wire, but the enamel didn't budge. Soaking the wire for a few seconds didn't make any difference either.
Am I doing something wrong?

73  Mike N0QBH




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