Re: Anyone using a Wellbrook wide aperture loop for QRP reception?

Vernon Matheson

Using a Wellbrook ALA100LN for everything and it hears very well. Loop is 35' long and height is around 9'. I am in a very quiet area as well.

Vernon - VE1VDM

On 2019-09-22 18:08, Stephen Farthing G0XAR JO92ON97 wrote:
Greetings from rainy Eastern England, 

I’m not using a Wellbrook loop but one of these has been my main RX aerial until I had to take it down for maintenance. 

It’s very good, quiet yet pulls in signals, especially on the lower bands. It doesn’t use coax to get the signal to the radio but up to 30 meters of Ethernet cable. What this means in practice is you can mount the loop a fair way from your transmitter using Ethernet cable specified for outdoor use. It’s a lot cheaper than coax. Using a separate transmit aerial and QRP power levels it’s no problem to use an SDR with the loop to see what stations are about and work them with your QCX or other radio. The separation is required to avoid damaging the amplifier in the loop during transmit. 

I guess many QRP guys (probably me included) think that the above is cheating. I’ve certainly never done it. But it’s an option for those in noisy environments. Well designed active loops are very quiet compared to more traditional ones. 


Steve G0XAR 

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