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geoff M0ORE

When I set up my progrock, I calibrated the ref frequency which ended up a bit different to the original 27.004 MHz. This is only a typical value and may vary.  ( Mine is currently 25.008020MHz, as I used a 25 MHz crystal used not 27MHz as supplied) As you have the serial option working, change the value in reg2 and you will see the change in the output frequency immediately after pressing enter on the PC.

When you have the correct value in reg2, then connect the GPS signal to maintain that frequency. Remember to change the value in reg3, A value of 5 here will give a large variation in the final output before the GPS correction takes effect. you could try 0 here but experiment. You could also try changing the value in reg2 up and down by 1Hz and see what a difference that makes especially at 100MHz output. I kept a written record of my changes so I could refer back to see the effect that each has.

When you have it working as you want it, using the serial connection, take a hard copy so if you need to re-visit later you can see the values used.

You can't damage the chip by inputting wrong values.

On 20/09/2019 16:22, Steinar Fremme via Groups.Io wrote:
Thank you Alan - well have done the 010 + ENTER thing - but did not change anything - still not working
And the register settings a looking right 
Only thing I'm seeing is that the 1pps have changed the 27MHz setting a bit - will try to set that to default and then see what happens 
73 Knut OE4KSF

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