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Steinar Fremme <steinar@...>

Hello all!
I have a ProgRock - just build - used GPS unit to test the disciplining , but found the 10mHz std output to be 10.00134 MHz - and not changing at al
I have a common GPS receiver used for my other 10MHz time base used for all my instruments
The 1 pps trigger signal is about +4v. My two frequency counters are using my common frequency base - and they are quite accurate .
Well after letting it all stay powered on for 48 hours - just to see - still no changes of frequency out of the Si unit.

Well - next step was to program the unit for my intended 56.296MHz

Well first I noticed that the enter button was not giving me the 4 blinks al the time - sometime needed to press for 2 seconds before working etc …
YaYa - re-reading the manual - yes found that I had to ground the 1pps - my fault ...

Ok, the button fork better now - but sometimes it dos not “take” - have to press more than ones before I get the blinks (using different press timing), but the led dos light up

Well entered my 0456296000 + ENTER - power off + on

No I have no signal at the Si synth at all

Double checked my entering - should be correct , but also tried the 010 + ENTER - still nothing

For fun tries 0410000000 + ENTER - still nothing

Even tested the voltage on the chip itself - just to check that the switches do work as intended - yes it woks as it should

Now I’m not able get any signals from the Si Synth at all - what ever I’m doing
(Voltages are a lille bit high, but usable)

The question is - is it possible to damage the ship on the Si - by entering wrong values ?

Next will be to change into serial com for programming and reading - I do have som USB til serial 5V units - but as I don’t really need it - Was hoping the button programming could do

BTW: the Receiver module - using the Polyphase network module and a sound->USB adapter seems to work grate for my FT8 monitor
I’m going to build a separate FT8 monitor for all 8 major HF bands - so this was my first test - looks good so far.
Should probably try to widen up a little on the bandpass in the Polyp. Module - later on - next step :-)
But first I need theProgRock + Si to work ...

Steinar Fremme

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