Re: QCX(-like) for 2m #alignment #vfo


Really?  Get a decent antenna up high then.

2m is still popular but not as much as 6 as HF+6 is fairly common but
fewer have 2M ssb/cw.

This (14th and 15th)  weekend is the annual ARRL VHF event and I will
be activeon 6/2/70cm, SSB, CW and no FT8 as its not that common
on 2M.  WE hear FT8 mostly on 6M but I don't care for it myself. 
The expectation is I will get to practice my CW on 2 and 432 as
well as SSB contacts.  Typical distance is over 250mi of 2 and 432
with Eskip on 6 anythings possible we also get coastal ducts so a long
shot on 2 happens.

SOP is run at 5W on 432, 20W on 6 and 2 and then if needed power
up to about 180W for 6 and 130W for 2 and 50 for 432.

For the day to day activity on 2M we have a round table on Mondays
that goes from Cape Cod to northern Vermont, Thursdays is the
NEWS (New England Weak Signal) net and that covers NY, NJ, PA,
CT,MA,NH,VT and Maine.  The norm is 100W, low loss coax,
and a decent 10 to 15 element beam or more.

For 6M anything under 100miles is local.  Fair amount of locals
running at least 3 elements or more and 100W.
Same for 432 the usual antenna is 15 elements and 5 to 100W.

The game is height is everything, gain helps, low loss coax,
then maybe power.  Power is last as you cannot talk to whom
you can not hear. 


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