Re: Persistence seems lacking...


OK then a 5 tube superhet RX using 1AD4s and nearly pocket sizes is not QRP?  ;)

Tubes got very small and it was/is possible to make small radios using them 
that are not power hungry.  That 5tube was 250ma for the filaments and 45V
(5 9V batteries) at maybe 8ma.  Not terrible considering it was a tubes that were
at hand.  

A matching CW rig for 2W on 80m will be more demanding at 150ma for the filaments
and 135V (15 9V batteries) at some 20 ma.  For a 1U4 and 3A4 that's not bad.
Its possible to do better power wise but since all are in the off position on RX and
powered for TX thats not bad.

I do a lot with tubes as I have a boat lad laying around and they can be fun.
Doent' mean that the latest IC is not int he collection or a microporcessor 
or three as well.  I've mixed them for example a 4 tube am TX for 160 
and a Arduino/AD9850 for a crystal replacement.  10W of AM and DDS

The idea that tube and transistors are distinct and separate was never
embraced by industry as it was a way to get to lower power when
transistors could not do higher power or higher frequency.


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