Re: Clock kit: new firmware version 1.03

Hans Summers

Hi Dean

What is your actual longitude reported by the clock? Including the sign (E/W)?

The #UH/M/S tags should display Greenwich Sidereal Time (GST).

The #TH/M/S tags should display Local Sidereal Time (LST).

Local Sidereal Time has nothing at all to do with the local time offset setting which only applies to UT not Sidereal time. Whereas UT and local time offsets are human specified, the relation ship between GST and LST is specified only by the locality's longitude. 

LST is GST - longitude / 15.0. For example in my case I'm 28.something degrees East and so my LST is nearly 2 hours ahead of GST. 

73 Hans G0UPL 

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 20:01 Dean Smith <bardezbiker@...> wrote:
Hi, just uploaded 1.03a version clock software, on a 4 line clock.

Line 1 I'm displaying UTC which seems fine.  16:53
Line 2 I'm displaying local time. Here at this time of year is +1 hour. Local offset is +060!  17:53
Ok all fine to this point.
Line 3 I'm displaying local sidereal time 16:06 ?? I'm west of GMT! Time should be minus a little -0.2 west of Greenwich.
Line 4 I'm displaying GMT sidereal time 16:08?? Now very confused.....
#UH and #TH don't appear to help if you use local offset function??
Anybody wanna have a stab at this one hi!

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