Re: Circuit Board Drills for cleaning out through-holes: Construction Tip

Ken Evans

I have the problem where the plated through hole has had the plating removed (long story, but chalk it up to an over anxious 15 year old.)
The holes involved are at T1 on a 40 meter QCX.  Never had this happen - but think the easiest solution may be to run small wire jumpers from T1 leads to close the now open trace.
Any othe ideas?
.Also am thinking of changing this QCX from 40 to either 30 or 20 meters.  This will require removing and replacing appropriate caps and inductors.  In addition - when the alignment procedure is started on first time power up - the screen says:
"Select Band"
80 M
 How do I get back to this point to select band?
Thanks for all ideas in advance.

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