QCX 40 UP Cooked. Top line block display only. #qcx #40m

Jim W8JD

This post is more of a comment that a question.  My recently built QCX 40 "V T1.00G" is now bricked with a top line display of blocks.  After 4 weeks of flawless operation, literally on a paper plate, I was working on adding an enclosure with 4 18650 batteries and I obviously shorted something out to cause this problem.   The result was a blocked top line, the ATmega 328 chip gets warm and the 7805 sizzles.  I installed a replacement ATmega 328P  chip with one from a spare Arduino and re-flashed with T1.00g.hex and the 328P chip and 7805 now run normal temps but now I have the dreaded "Use original IC!" display, which I suppose is progress.  Since my fried chip "hot and no display", seemed to be still communicating, I uploaded the eprom file to my computer using Averdudess and it autosaved as a hex file which I named T100g.eep.  I programmed this to the new chip but still have the same message.  That file seems to be blank anyway as viewed with notepad, just mostly a lot of F's so I suspect that is wiped out as well.  I am using an Audrino as a programmer, along with the instructions on the QRP Labs website and it has worked flawlessly with the old and new chip, no errors.  I did order a new chip from Hans but since that could be a while, I was hoping to come up with a quicker solution. In addition, I would love to have a spare programmable ATmega 328 to play with in case of new updates.  After reading posts, I would never attempt to upgrade my radio without a backup plan on the chance it may become bricked again.  I bought this kit knowing full well it was not open source, and I understand the reasoning since I think Hans has come up with a genius design so I wish I had the answer.  For now the project goes into a shoe box until the new chip arrives. 

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