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geoff M0ORE

A braid breaker is perhaps the wrong name for it. It is a device for restricting the current flow on the outer braid in much the same way as a choke balun.

As said in previous post, there is no perfect answer to curing TVI. Each case is different.

On 25/08/2019 12:11, Andy Brilleaux via Groups.Io wrote:
On Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 11:43 PM, Nik wrote:
I concluded that not all BB's are equal.
You beat me to it Nik.
If search the web then I see lots of people using ferrite rings as "braid breakers".
To me, a braid breaker is the one with the coupled coaxial loops.
For some reason, I don't see this referred to so I can't point to anywhere useful.
But I guess the usual radio handbooks and manuals would have a chapter on them.

73 de Andy

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