Re: #40m #TVI #DTV #U3S #WSPR Freeview Interference #u3s #wspr #40m #tvi #dtv

geoff M0ORE

Curing TV interference can be a nightmare. A solution for one case may be useless at another situation which appears to be same. If it is in your own house, it makes it easier as you can try many cures. When it is a neighbour who just wants to get your aerials removed, a case of alleged TVI is one path that they follow and refuse to allow any filters to be fitted.

On 24/08/2019 15:09, Andy Brilleaux via Groups.Io wrote:
Years ago I had a similar issue.
A basic HPF worked reasonably well,
But the Faraday screen type braid breaker cured the lot.

73 de Andy

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