Re: ProgRock won't program correctly

geoff M0ORE

BEWARE...ProgRock does not using RS232 voltage levels. Proper RS232 has 12 volt logic, ProgRock has 5 volt logic. Hence the suggestion to use the Arduino. The Sparkfun adaptor supports 5 volt logic but others may not.


On 19/08/2019 01:29, Robin Midgett wrote:
I found that the USB to serial adapter from SparkFun was the ticket to easy programming on the ProgRock. Any terminal program will provide the communications.
Robin Midgett K4IDC

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 6:31 PM Floyd Hollister <fhh11@...> wrote:
Thanks to Bruce, Geoff and Alan.  I appreciate you counsel.  I will dig out an Arduino and see where that leads me.

When I either solve the problem or surrender and build another, I will let the forum know the resolution.


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