Re: QCX T1 winding start

Glen Leinweber

Wes wrote:
It may be that your winding tails will not be where the PCB pads are.
Beware Lefties when winding T1! Being long-experienced with living in a
right-handed world, I examined carefully the winding sense of T1's coils
in the manual's superb photos. And all the 2-leaded toroids too.

Suspect that Hans is a "righty", rather than a "lefty". Or perhaps Hans
correctly designed T1 for righty-winding to accommodate the majority.

My natural tendency is to wind toroids backwards (being a lefty). Then
they end up wanting to mount at a wrong angle compared to the
PCB silkscreen parts placement, else wire ends snake into their
designated holes if I align the toroid with the silkscreen.

Imagining T1 wound in lefty-sense sends a chill up my spine...a snakey
Medusa toroid.

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