Re: Hints for winding T1 in QCXs

Joe Cotton

Looking over my previous post for the 20th time, I think that I need to add this.

Winding the secondary 3 over 180 degrees of the toroid,  Point a short lead down as you hold the toroid and the wire, wind the long end of the wire up, over the top, into the toroid, and under.  Continue in this direction. When finished winding, the short end that you started with will go in hole 1, and the long end will go in hole 2.    

The purpose of this instruction is to get the winding direction correct. 

It turns out (no pun intended) that all windings start out with a short end pointing down, held close to the toroid on the outside of the toroid.  Then the windings go up, over the top, inside the toroid, and underneath, coming back up on the outside of the toroid, on the right side of the previous turn, (with the turn facing you).  The turns will continue in a counter-clockwise direction, looking from the top. 

Joe W3TTT  

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