Re: qcx calibration

Joe Cotton

I have used my QCX for WSPR successfully.  As the manual says, your clock must be within two seconds of the correct time.  WWV is very accurate and is the world time standard.  The problem is that when you set the time (6.9 i believe) the QCX takes a finite amount of time to "set".  That is, for example, I exit and set on the 58th second tick, and by the time the 60th second (00 seconds) WWV beep happens, the QCX is now set.  Problem is, it seems that the QCX takes a variable amount of time (1 to five seconds) to set itself.  Seems like a random event.  
The QCX  could use a "set zero" button option that would not have the delay in setting the time.  
As for frequency, just look up the values of frequency that are received on WSPR Spots.  These reports of frequency also vary between receiving stations.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.  My QCX is just a few 10's of Hertz high, or low, depending on the receiving station.  And I only built it, didn't use GPS.  

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