Re: QCX Challenge

Tony McUmber

Hello, Andy,

This could be great fun!  How about I call you on/about 7032 Mhz between 0335z and 0345z (approx.) on 3 Aug 19 and, if no QSO, same again on 05 Aug 19?  Perhaps some other sked would suit; if so, let me know.

My QCX 40 operates 2w + (maybe more, but I don't like to brag) into an Inverted Vee antenna mounted about 18 ft (6m) above ground.  Best arrangement I can make, but it seems to work OK and SWR is nil.  I can hear nothing when band is closed and everything all at once when band is open.  I hope to hear you and make that QSO.

73, Tony N0BPA

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