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Thanks Bill, I am very interested in trying this,  i really like the antenna (GADS),  that is actually a great idea. Just curious,  how was the SWR's? 
The QCX is a very cool project. 

Thanks for the information. I will let you know how it turns out. 

Great hobby.

De kc2lwx 

On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 7:35 AM, n4qa
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Hi Sean and the group.
I began with a stock QCX-17 Rev 4.
Disconnected L1, L2, L3, C25, C26, C27, C28   ( L4, C30, T1 remain intact ).
Wire jumper C29 ( where formerly connected to C27, L3 ) to rf jack 'hot' on pcb.
Placed a 10m bpf in coax feeding rf jack. 
3.9 Band = 10m
VFO A = 28075.5 for FT8 reception
All other settings for I-Q, BPF etc remain as per stock QCX-17.

Antenna is the GADS! ( Gutter And Down Spout! ) fed via Icom AH-4 remote autotuner.

WSJT-X FT8 decodes have spanned roughly -24 to +15 dB snr using this setup.

However, and while I'm having great fun...

Mine is far from the best method for using a QCX rig for 10m reception !

All questions & observations are most welcome.

72 / 73,
Bill, N4QA

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