Re: QCX Challenge


Hi Tony and others,

This month probably I will not be QRV in QCX challenge.

But if someone from US is interested we can try to arrange some QCX/QCX skeds next days. For me best time is my Sunrise about 03,40 UTC, 03. or 05. August, morning (in EU). Anyway, I think that Tuesday morning condx was superb so if condx are same, we have some chance :)

My QCX 40 have 3.4 watts and antenna is old 2 el. phased verticals.

Tony, what is your antenna?


Andy 9a3jh

PS Best amplifier is your antenna!

On 8/1/19 12:51 AM, Tony McUmber wrote:
Hi, Andy!

So thrilled(and amazed) that you heard my own "tiny signal" (2 watts).  Mail me a SWL QSL and I will be delighted to return a card to you!  You should be able to find me in any regular HAM reference or

I love my QCX.

73, Tony N0BPA

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