Re: QCX R36 Replacement Needed-Volume Control

James Daldry W4JED

Hi, Brian

After years of using Wsssh, Deoxid, Channel Master silicone, LubriClean, WD-40, and a host of other spray cleaners, I've found what works best on volume controls is a drop of automotive motor oil. It even works on cheap Chinese 10-for-a-buck volume controls, which have to be lubricated before first use, or they're noisy.

By the way, you use Wsssh with a Gozinta. It's a brass cylinder with a plunger, and a 3/8 inch i.d. tubular "business end. You pull the plunger back, put a few drops of Wsssh in the "business end, pull the knob off the control, and screw the tube onto the control threads. You then push the plunger in, blowing the cleaner past the shaft bearing and into the control. You clean the control without pulling the chassis out of the cabinet. Cool.


On 7/25/19 11:09 PM, Brian N7BKV wrote:
Yes, I used cleaner.  No joy.

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