Re: Odd problem with my QCX 40 #qcx

James Daldry W4JED

Hi, Peter

If you can't find component cooler, get a can of "canned air" from an office supply store. If you hold the can upside down you'll get liquid. Alternate between that and a hair dryer to "pin down" the problem.


On 7/25/19 5:39 PM, Peter GM0EUL wrote:
Hi Alan
Thanks, some very useful suggestions.  I will check the DC voltages and I like the idea of using an amplified speaker to trace the audio and see when it gets noisy.  The situation is complicated at the moment because now its got cooler the radio is working almost normally, I've just managed three qsos back to back with no issues, but its been unusable all day.  Heat must be a factor.  There is nothing particularly microphonic on the board, except R35 sometimes buzzes and whooshes when I touch its exposed end with my finger.  Might be worth changing that next, its the 750K resistor you mentioned and its an easy job if I can find something to replace it with.  

I haven't got any freeze spray but it would be useful thing to get.  

It needs to work for another half hour in the morning and I'll have made the 5 consecutive activity days!  Its been totally reliable up to now but then its never been this hot here before.

All the best

Peter, GM0EUL



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