Re: qcx calibration


hi thanks alan
i am still pondering the qcx

ok on the clock - the manual says it will stay stable for a week (maybe the u3s manual)_ so to check it daily seems ok

on the frequency - do you mean the wsjx display - i do not have an accurate frequency meter..

i have been reading both the qcx and u3s manuals but i am leaning towards the qcx cos its appears a bit less complicated than the u3s.  ie the u3s needs 5 v which would need a regulator to use my 12 v battery, to equal the pa out it needs the 5 w pa. the advantage of the u3s is that it can multi band and also multi mode.

but both need the same calibration

you may be interested that my exiting station has two transceivers - a vintage trio ts520se and a ubitx. neither can be said to be accurately calibrated. my antenna are dipoles for 40 and 20 and a g5rv with atu mainly for use with 80 m.

my test equipment is fairly limited ie a scope, dummy load, a frequeny counter but only four sig decimal digits, a dvm,

i am currently looking for a project to keep my soldering iron busy and wspr may be the answer.

terry gm4dso

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