Re: IC Sockets


All comments are valid. However, cowards might prefer to use
a socket, *very* carefully checking the pins have gone
in as they should. Compared to de-soldering - no contest
for less-than-perfect emulators such as

Michael 2E0IHW

On 22/07/2019 15:22, Alan de G1FXB via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Gerry,
Easy answer is just do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Every interconnection is a potential point of failure if you use the
best type you can, you can mitigate the risk.
It's sometimes easy to accidentality bend a pin, if it bends outwards
it's obvious, less so if it folds underneath.
Sometimes IC's can walk out of sockets.
IC3 can be damaged through failure elsewhere.
Perhaps there is value in socketing this one?
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