Re: IC Sockets

Alan de G1FXB

Hi Gerry,
Easy answer is just do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Every interconnection is a potential point of failure if you use the best type you can, you can mitigate the risk.
It's sometimes easy to accidentality bend a pin, if it bends outwards it's obvious, less so if it folds underneath.
Sometimes IC's can walk out of sockets.

I don't think anyone has bad IC's from manufacture, i don't recall anyone has managed to blow up any opamps.
IC3 can be damaged through failure elsewhere.
Perhaps there is value in socketing this one?


On 22/07/2019 14:53, Gerald Ball via Groups.Io wrote:
At the moment I am waiting, with some excitement, for a 20m QCX. in the meanwhile I am reading the manual and understand that there are a number of IC's which are to be soldered directly to the printed circuit board. Does anyone have experience of mounting these IC's in Sockets. Apart from extra production cost, I can't see any technical reason for not using sockets. The main advantage of course being one of future fault finding. I would appreciate your comments on this.?

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