Re: Pico Balloon Launch LightAPRS N6CVO-11


Flight Day 2 21-JUL-2019 14:17 UTC

First contact was received at 21-JUL-2019 14:17:42 (UTC)
    Location 39.46567 -112.9455 (Near Delta Utah, USA)
    Altitude 9,798 meters (32,147 feet)
    Voltage 4.55v (Sun was just starting to hit the solar panel)

Last contact of the day 22-JUL-2019 01:11:59 (UTC)
    Location 41.63667 -108.96267 (Near Rock Springs Wyoming, USA)
    Altitude 9,939m (32,606 feet)
    Voltage 4.60v (Sunset on the solar panel)

- Traversed Utah and into Wyomong
- Tracker woke up at the time it was projected to get sun on the solar panel.
- Balloon altitude climbed a bit. Probably due to stretching of the envelope.
- Successfully received transmissions averaged 120 seconds apart.
- Expecting payload to wake up for Day-3 around 14:30 (UTC) near Wyoming/South Dakota/Nebraska boarder.

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