Building a 40 meter QCX for someone else, missing, and extra parts... #qcx #parts #40m

Greg Walters

Good evening all,

I am building my 3rd 40 meter QCX, this time for Adam Chance from Mississippi. He didn't have the tools to complete it himself, so I offered to build it for him. 

As is always my first step, I began inventorying the parts. I know that there are a couple of extra parts that aren't used. This time, 3 extra ceramic capacitors. No worries. Also, two random resistors, a 1.2K and a 150. No worries.

I was surprised to find, two of the 10uF electrolytics missing. Naturally, I don't have any spares.

Additionally, I only have 11 of the 12 1K resistors. They came on the tape... just cut a bit short I guess.
I don't have R41, the 470 ohm resistor, nor R21, the 7.5K resistor. 

Of course I don't have good replacement parts for any of these. I can find the resistors fine, but that 16v 10uF capacitor is very difficult to find. Everyone seems to have 25 or 50 volt versions.

Any chance that anyone has the replacement versions of at least those capacitors?  

I'm in Kentucky, by the way. 
Greg Walters

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