Re: Keyer Issue with QCX - missing or short dahs

Rex Vokey

Hey All,

I think I misspoke - I don't key ahead on words.  I just sometimes key the character itself faster than the set speed.  Playing around with all of this a bit, I found that I do, in fact, tend to slow down a bit when the keyer speed is set slower - but it's not a perfectly linear scale (I'm not a machine!).  

Since all of this timing stuff can get a bit dizzying, I decided to take myself out of the equation.  I set up an Arduino to "close" the dit and dah paddles for me, with timing precise down to the millisecond.  I played around with the timings a bit until I got to a point where the Arduino is closing the paddles at about 21wpm.  

See the attached photos—top is RF-out, bottom is paddle closures ("hollow" longer ones are dahs and shorter "solid" ones are dits).  What I've found so far, keying "C" at various keyer speeds:

At 12wpm, I hit the limit of the dot/dash memory (one element).  As many have stated, this is expected.  We're getting more than one element ahead here.  Slow down on that paddle!
At 13wpm, it somehow functions fine, even though it appears I'm keying just a tiny bit too fast. I'm probably within milliseconds of the memory window.
At 14wpm, this is where we see my primary issue.  The second "dah" is shortened by nearly a full "dit."  You want to talk about needing feedback?  This really throws me off if I'm trying to send good code.  I haven't done enough testing yet, but it seems to me, the length varies.  I could be wrong.  More testing is needed.
At 15wpm, everything is fine.  I don't have a capture of it, but I believe 16wpm was also fine.  Again, more testing needed.
At 21wpm, all is normal.  

One thing I've learned from this is that one element worth of dot/dash memory actually provides a good deal of flexibility for human inconsistency.  

I'm going to do some more testing.  I'll try and update here with what I find.  Hopefully I've provided more useful information for those attempting to analyze the problem.

Thanks, and 73!


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