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Robin Midgett

Hi Graham & the group,
The issue Sid & I and possibly others who aren't reading the mail on this subject isn't about stability with the TCXO or OCXO. The stability with those optional oscillators is well documented and not in question, and for a broad range of applications, mine included, well more than sufficient.
The issue here is making the ProgRock work reliably with GPS discipline, and why that isn't happening reliably.
Diatribes about the NEED for GPS discipline in anyone's application are irrelevant simply because the fact is the product doesn't perform reliably as advertised with GPS discipline, and, very importantly, within the context of kit building and the price of the kit, this is not a deal breaker or terribly surprising. This is part of the value of kit building; the builder has the opportunity to improve the kit as they see fit, or not.
What is perhaps more interesting and worth studying is why the GPS discipline isn't as reliable as it should be, and what's to be done to mitigate that deficiency. Based on the current responses to our (Sid & my) posts, Hans may be the only person qualified to really answer the questions regarding the apparent deficiency.
Further, personal attacks are not helpful, Andy Brilleaux. Let's leave those for the elementary school playground. Let's approach this issue scientifically and see if a successful solution can be had. I suspect it can and will.
Robin Midgett K4IDC

On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 3:15 PM Graham W <gram.warrington@...> wrote:
I have built a few prog rocks. I did not use the 27 mhz crystal as supplied, but installed a TCXO as suggested in the manual. I find ,even without GPS control that it is very stable. The pads are already there for the TCXO.
Graham VE3WGW

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