Re: QCX capacitors

James Daldry W4JED

Curt and the gang

This is not a critical circuit. A change of 10% in any component would not make an audible difference. The main thing is that the capacitor be reasonably stable and have low loss, low esr. Polyester or metal film capacitors are probably the best bet, with multilayer ceramic a close second.


On 7/13/19 7:34 AM, morseoneuk via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks Curt,
I have disc ceramic to that value, but would prefer to keep it to Hans original choice of component..
I will keep digging... I do have 33nf and 47nf.. Multi layer ceramic caps,.    but the 39nf  eludes me at the moment .
Best regards to the group...  Scotty
On Saturday, 13 July 2019, 12:14:36 BST, wb8yyy via Groups.Io <wb8yyy@...> wrote:

Looks to me being in the audio filter its capacitance accuracy is paramount.


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