Re: Keyer Issue with QCX - missing or short dahs

Al Gritzmacher AE2T

I think you are misunderstanding what a dot/dash memory is.

It doesn't remember multiple key presses and stack them in a buffer of some sort. All that a dot/dash memory does is remember if the dot paddle is pressed some time during a dash, or vice versa. It only remembers one bit.

You cannot move your fingers as if you are sending 20wpm if the keyer is set at 15wpm. You have to keep pace with the keyer.

In the oscilloscope view, you close the dah and dah1 begins. While dah1 is underway, you hit dit1. It gets saved in the dot/dash memory and after the space after dah1 is finished, it generates dit1.

You pressed the dash paddle during the space after dah1. Dit1 is already in memory.

Then, during dit1's space, dit2 is keyed, which generates a second dit.

I don't know if a dit has priority over a dah, or whether only one element can be remembered at a time, but your dah2 request happens way too soon. If it didn't ignore it, you'd get two dahs in a row and lose a dit. Neither gives a 'C'

This is the way every Iambic B keyer I've ever used works. It just isn't a FIFO buffer that you can fill up with unlimited key closures ahead. The 'memory' is just for the next element and just enough to ease the timing of your fingers.

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