Re: Half case for clock kit

Bill Cromwell

Hi Mike,

A few things:

Use the finest pitch blade you can get for cutting the plastic.

Measure (twice) and put a set of layout lines on the case where it should be cut. Remember to account for the thickness of the blade. The path it takes through the plastic is the saw kerf and the two halves will be reduced in size by this amount. Cutting a four inch box will not yield a pair of two inch boxes. One or both will be reduced in size by the width of the kerf.

Clamp a pair of fences on opposite sides of the case to guide the saw in a straight cut. Use your layout marks to locate the fences.

Let the saw teeth do the work of cutting instead of *forcing* the saw through plastic box. Just lay the saw on the plastic and push it back and forth. Let the saw's weight (not much) carry it down through the cut.

If you are not accustomed to "one off" fabrication techniques like this you can practice on some scraps of wood or plastic first.

If you cannot afford to lose the one eighth inch or so of box volume where you make the cut you should buy the ready-made 'half-size' boxes (or make one yourself).


Bill KU8H

On 7/13/19 7:37 PM, Michael Lloyd wrote:
Has anyone cut the standard QRPLabs beacon / clock case in half for the clock? I thought about using a hacksaw but the operative word is hack.I want to be able to use the front and back plates that Hans sells and the cut needs to be square.
Even better, rather than cut up one of my beacon cases, is there someplace I can buy a half sized case that will allow me to use the front and back plates? Like Box Enclosures for instance?
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