Re: QCX capacitors


Thanks for the suggestions... As the luck of the Irish goes.. after a thorough search through my parts drawer..
. I found one proper spec...  
best regards  Scotty Gi0bey..

On Saturday, 13 July 2019, 14:14:44 BST, Michael Babineau <mbabineau.ve3wmb@...> wrote:

Scotty : 

One option would be to install a 33 pF cap at C17 and then tack-solder a 4.7 nF across it on the bottom of the board.
That should be close enough. 

Michael VE3WMB

P.S. If you have the means to measure capacitance with some accuracy, you might even pick a 4.7 nF cap that  that read a little bit high
to get you closer to 39 pF.  

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