Re: prog rock ge mastr exec ii

Robin Midgett

Yes indeed. Given that the LPF kits require the builder to wind the toroids and the ease of replacing or supplementing the fixed value caps with narrow value trimmers, it seems that a tuneable LPF could be had by using the kit as a springboard.
Robin Midgett K4IDC

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 7:41 AM Bob / WA1MIK <wa1mik@...> wrote:
Robin: Thanks for the filter recommendation. I would need two of them though, one for TX, one for RX, and the freqs are significantly far from the common ham bands that I'd need to fiddle with component values to make them do anything useful. One would need to cover 6.5-7.5 MHz, the other 9-11 MHz. Granted, once I retune the station from 26.31 MHz to 29.6 MHz, I would only need one set of filters, at the high end of those ranges.

Easily tunable filters would be more useful for this project, possibly with variable capacitors in each stage.

Bob M.

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